Connect to FTP servers from your iPad or iPhone

Access your FTP and SFTP servers simply on your iPad/iPhone with the FileBrowser app. Transfer files to your web server, or documents to your company FTP server with a simple intuitive interface. Connecting to all your locations couldn't be easier.

FileBrowser is a fully featured document management app. Edit text files, transfer files, even stream videos and audio to your iPhone/iPad.

Secure connections to FTPS and SFTP

FileBrowser also supports secure connections to SFTP using the SSH File Transfer Protocol.

If you want access to FTPS (encrypted FTP) servers, only FileBrowserGO or FileBrowser Professional offer this.

Use our split screen view with your servers and drag and drop files between locations.

FileBrowser supports more than just FTP. You can also connect to your Mac, Windows PC, Linux, NAS drives, WebDAV and cloud storage services.

Simply tap "Add Location" from the home screen in FileBrowser and enter your FTP server details.

Once you are connected to your remote FTP server you can upload or download files to any locations, either straight to your iPad or to other remote locations such as other servers or cloud storage.

Access your FTP, SFTP and FTPS servers with a free trial of FileBrowserGO

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