How to download files from the Internet directly to your computer using your iPad or iPhone

Step 1

Using Safari, FireFox or Chrome on your iPad or iPhone find the link (URL) you want to download from.

Using safari find the link to the file you want to download

Step 2

Press and hold the link you want to download, and select "Copy" from this menu.

tap and hold and select copy on the menu

Step 3

Using FileBrowser go to the folder you want to copy the file to (in this case I will download it straight to my iMac in a Documents folder) tap the actions menu then tap "Download from URL".

Use filebrowser and tap the actions menu

Step 4

The URL should automatically be pasted into the edit field. Then tap "Download".

rename your file

Step 5

And that's it. Your file has now been downloaded straight to your computer.

Your file is downloaded

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