Stream your mp3 music from your desktop to your WiFi speakers or Alexa

Streaming or casting your music collection wirelessly across your home couldn't be easier, and with the variety of speakers available with WiFi, Bluetooth or AirPlay, including Alexa devices or Chromecast, there is plenty of choice.

This guide isn't for Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music. This guide is for people who have a whole music collection in MP3 or Flac music sitting on their computer or media server and want to stream it across their homes.

But how can you stream or cast your MP3 music collection from your computer, Network or Media drive in your house to those devices?

Using MusicStreamer you can connect wirelessly to your computer from your iPad or iPhone and point it to your music folder, and it will scan all your music files. You can also import those finely crafted playlists into music streamer, more on that here.

Once you have your library connected you can start streaming your music to other devices around the house. Depending on the types of devices you have, streaming or casting your music to several sets of speakers is also possible.

How do i stream music to my wireless speaker
How do i stream music from my desktop


Simply tap the AirPlay icon to the right of the volume control and select your AirPlay device.

If you have more than one AirPlay2 enabled device or HomePods, you can stream your music files to more than one set of speakers in your home. This is called Multi-room.

How do i connect my pc to a wireless speaker


Stream your MP3 music library from your computer via Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth speakers such as Sound bars with MusicStreamer is easy, select your bluetooth device under iOS settings and your music will play through this device.

How do i stream music from my pc to a wireless speaker


Easily play your iTunes music to Chromecast speakers

Simply tap the Chromecast icon to the right of the volume control and select your Chromecast device.

Unlike Bluetooth devices, Chromecast works over WiFi so you can connect to multiple sets of speakers. This is called Multi-room. For example you can create a new Group of speakers called Downstairs that has both your Living Room speakers and your Kitchen speakers linked together.
See our guide for setting up Multi-room here.

How to Setup Multi-room

Apple's Music app does not work with Chromecast so you will need to use another app such as MusicStreamer to cast your MP3s.
Chromecast your iTunes library
How do I stream music from my computer to Alexa

Stream your MP3s or Flac Music to your Alexa devices

Alexa devices have great speakers that can be connected to via bluetooth, but just require a little more setup to get them streaming your own music files. Follow our simple guide for Echo and Show devices for FireCube see this guide.

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