Advanced features

Document Collaboration

Invite your friends to edit your documents

FileBrowser's powerful integration with Dropbox and Google Drive means you can share your documents directly from FileBrowser. Simply invite people as editors or viewers and Google Drive and Dropbox will do the rest.

Invite your friends to edit your documents
Download files from the web

Download files from the web

Copy and paste a URL from Safari into FileBrowser

Easily save files from the web to your iPad or any location supported by FileBrowser.

Voice Commands

Siri Reminders and Shortcuts

Say "Hey Siri, remind me of this when I get home" and Siri will navigate back to your document or folder.

"Hey Siri - Connect to my Mac". Simply add a voice shortcut that will launch FileBrowser to connect and browse to a folder or document.

Siri Enabled
Using a Portable WiFi drive with your iPad

Portable WiFi drives

Take more content with you on the go

Connect to a WiFi enabled drive and access even more movies, music or any content you have stored on the drive, without taking up storage on your iPad or iPhone. Great for long periods of time with no internet access.

Seagate wireless plus, WD My Passport pro drives also supported.

iCloud Drive automatic sync

Copy your files or folders into iCloud Drive and they will be automatically synced and available on all your iPhones, iPads and Mac.

Upload to iCloud to Sync to all your devices
Read & Edit Documents

Annotate your PDFs or images

Make comments, highlight text and draw

FileBrowser has all the standard annotation tools and also offers full support for Apple Pencil to make drawing and writing easier on iPad Pro.

Once you have finished annotating either overwrite your file or save it as a new file.

Import brushes into Procreate

Drag and Drop your brushes

Easily download your brushes from your computer or the cloud then use FileBrowser to drag them into Procreate. You can also use FileBrowser to share your brushes simply drag them out of ProCreate to a folder.

Easily import brushes into Procreate
Professionally translated into 8 languages

Professionally translated into 8 languages

FileBrowser has been professionally translated into English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese, supporting over 1 million users worldwide.

Accessibility & Voice Over

We put significant effort into supporting our visually impaired users and are always delighted to hear how well FileBrowser works with iOS VoiceOver.

Accessibility & Voice Over
Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

A FileBrowserGO subscription unlocks all premium features.