Browse and manage your files

Access corporate servers, your cloud storage providers and network drives, all from one app

Access your servers and cloud storage all from one app
Multiple Accounts

File encryption

FileBrowser uses iOS hardware encryption to protect its local files.

Connection Wizard

Access from anywhere

Access your documents from anywhere using corporate WiFi or a VPN connection.


Automatic folder sync

Use folder sync to ensure your iPad always has the latest company documents.

FileBrowser for Business is a fully featured file manager for iOS and offers much more than just browse and view

  • Upload

  • Download

  • Copy

  • Create folder

  • Stream your content

  • Email Attachments

  • Move

  • Delete

  • Rename

Multi-file copy

The multi-file copy feature allows you to easily copy several files and folders in one go from any location to any other location.

Email multiple files

Attach multiple files from different storage locations to a single email, a feature lacking in most other file explorer apps.

Sub-folder searching

Searching across sub-folders is supported for all storage locations, and content searching is available for GoogleDrive.

FileBrowser for Business can view any document type
supported by iOS, including:

View Pages documents in FileBrowser


View numbers documents in FileBrowser


View Keynote documents in FileBrowser


View Word documents in FileBrowser


View Excel documents in FileBrowser


View Powerpoint documents in FileBrowser


  • PDF

  • RTF

  • Text

  • Zip

  • C/C++

  • Objective C/C++

  • C#

  • Java

  • Javascript

  • shell scripts

  • Perl

  • Ruby

  • Python

  • webarchive

  • Web Shortcut

FileBrowser for Business offers exceptional features to access your business documents.
Volume Purchases: Are available from Apple's Volume Purchase Program