Advanced file access SDK for iOS

Advanced file access SDK for iOS

Our file access SDK forms the core of our file management app FileBrowser, which has been on the App Store for over 9 years, trusted by experts and companies worldwide with over a million users.

Empower your apps with full file access and management. Connect to file servers, NAS drives and desktop computers all from within your app. No additional software is needed on the file server.

Simple to Use

Our modern SDK has been designed to get you up and running in minutes. Whether you are streaming Video files, playing Music files, editing documents or importing/exporting files, our API's have everything you need.

Your developers will be able to integrate our SDK with ease.

High Performance

Our APIs have been developed from scratch to be as fast and efficient as possible on iOS. Our users even say that we access and browse folders far quicker than their desktops.

Security & Privacy

As with our FileBrowser suite of apps, none of your data is routed or sent to any Stratospherix Server. The SDK doesn't monitor or report any file access performed by your apps or users. We also don't collect any data about your users.


Our SDK connects to a wide variety of SMB servers, including all versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux (Samba), NAS drives, Time Capsule, and Azure Cloud. For corporate environments the SDK also supports Windows Clusters, SMB3 encrypted shares and also seamless transition from one server to another in a Windows DFS (Distributed File System) environment.

Authentication uses Active Directory credentials, and all existing file and folder security will be supported, providing the same level of security as when users connect from their desktops.

Our SDK allows connection over a VPN, either a system-wide VPN or a per-App VPN.

Discover what our SDK could add to your app

Try our Files API for iOS


Scan your network for computers, servers and even WiFi drives.


Browse your servers, shares, folders & files.

Folder Manipulation

Create, delete & rename files and folders.

File Access

Read and write data using our high performance, asynchronous, APIs.

Use your own UI

The SDK concentrates on network file access, allowing you to design your own UI, or integrate it into your existing apps.

Contact us for more info

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Documentation and sample code is provided for the files access SDK, and our professional developers are on hand to offer email support.