MusicStreamer for Mac

The innovative alternative to iTunes

Do you have a large music collection of MP3 or FLAC files on your computer or network drive?

An alternate music player for mac

Import your iTunes music library and playlists. Simply browse, filter and create playlists and rediscover your music collection with MusicStreamer.

"By far the best music streamer application I have ever experienced."
AppStore Review By far the best music streamer application I have ever experienced - AppStore 5 Stars

Easy setup

Simply point MusicStreamer to your Music Collection on your Mac.

Use our in-app setup wizard to connect to your media server, a networked drive or other computer and stream your music files to your Mac.

Browse by Artist, Album or Song

Browse by artists and their albums or select album view and use pinch to zoom to show your album art. Alternatively use our song view and choose the columns you want to sort by.

Import your existing music playlists into MusicStreamer for Mac

Import Playlists

Import your existing iTunes playlists into MusicStreamer for Mac.

Create unlimted music Playlists in MusicStreamer for Mac

Create Playlists

Create unlimted new playlists in MusicStreamer for Mac.

Export your MusicStreamer playlists files back into iTunes

Export Playlists

Export your new playlists from MusicStreamer for Mac back to iTunes.

"Great release! Have been using the Music Streamer app on iPad and iPhone for a few years now and love it. With hundreds of albums and thousands of tracks organised on a NAS drive it makes things really easy to catalogue, find and play anything I feel like. Was very excited to see the new release of a Mac version so bought it straight away, and not disappointed. Importing playlists from Music/iTunes is a breeze, and the resizable album panel is really smooth and fast. And this is only version 1 - what's next :-)" AppStore Review Importing playlists from Music/iTunes is a breeze - AppStore 5 Stars

Cast Music from your Mac to your Speakers

Use AirPlay or Bluetooth to stream your music files to your speakers around the house with MusicStreamer.

Airplay your Music collection from your Mac with MusicStreamer


Cast your Music files to your AirPlay enabled devices or speakers.

Play music from your Mac to your Amazon Echo device.


Stream your Music files to your Alexa device via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth your Music collection from your Mac with MusicStreamer


Cast your Music files to your Bluetooth enabled devices or speakers.

Stream your Music Collection from your Mac to an Amazon Echo

Play your MP3's and FLAC files via your your Amazon Echo with MusicStreamer, with this simple setup

Follow our Simple Guide Stream your Music files from your Mac straight to an Amazon Echo Alexa
MusicStreamer for Mac can connect to multiple music libraries stored on your network on: Windows, Mac, network or WiFi drives using SMB.

High Quality Audio formats

  • Flac
  • Opus
  • Wav
  • MP3
  • M4a
  • AAC
  • AIFF
  • AIF

Gapless playback is supported so you can hear your music as it was meant to be.

Multiple music libraries

Easily switch between multiple Music Libraries, unlike iTunes.

Switch from your own music library to your partner's music collection or if you have a laptop connect to your friend's music drive via WiFi.

Learn More
Transcribe Songs, practise and speed up and slow down your music tracks on your Mac

Transcribe Songs

Use MusicStreamer to learn to play, transcribe, practice and perform songs by slowing down the speed of music tracks without adjusting the pitch. Great for Music Teachers and budding musicians.

Practice at your pace by adjusting the tempo without affecting pitch.

Scrobble your tracks

If you like to scrobble your music and let people know what you are listening to you can do that in MusicStreamer. Tap Preferences and simply log in to
It's that easy.

MusicStreamer is also available on iPad and iPhone

Stream your entire music collection directly to your iPad or iPhone. Download tracks, albums or playlists for offline listening.

Listen in the car with CarPlay. Find out more about MusicStreamer for iOS