MusicStreamer for Mac UserGuide

Music Streamer for Mac User Guide

Add Your Music Collection

Setup Music from your Mac

To select your Music folder simply:

  • Click the cog icon
  • Select "Music Sources"
  • Click "Add Music Source"
  • Click "Choose Music Folder"
  • MusicStreamer will autodetect your music folder.

If your music is stored in another folder on your Mac, follow the "Setup for another Computer or Network Drive" steps.

Setup for another Computer or Network Drive

To add Music on a Network Drive or from another computer on your Network simply:

  • Click the cog icon
  • Select "Music Sources"
  • Click "Add Music Source"
  • Click "Scan" and follow the setup wizard.

See our help documents on how to connect to your Mac, Windows or TimeCapsule in the app for more information.

Switch Between Multiple Music Libraries

Add multiple libraries, your home collection or a network drive. If you have a laptop connect to your friends music collections from their WiFi.

Play Queue

The 'Play Queue' is the current list of tracks being played. This could be:

  • Songs
  • Albums
  • Playlists
  • Or a mix of all the above

Clicking Play on an Album or a Playlist will insert the tracks at the top of the Play Queue so that they will be played next, letting the current track finish.

If you want the tracks to play when you click them rather than queue them. Change this by clicking the cog in the top right -> Preferences there is an option to change this to:

  • Play Next
  • Play Now
  • Queue Up

Once you are done, scroll down and click "Done"

You can click the 'Edit' menu option to re-order it without changing the original album or play list.


Create a Playlist

Click the 'Create Playlist' button under the play controls.

Adding tracks to a Playlist

Add a Song or Album to a playlist by clicking the context menu icon and choosing the playlist you wish to add them to.

Edit a Playlist

Click the Playlist context menu icon and choose 'Edit'. Now you can:

  • Re-order your tracks by using the drag controls.
  • Remove unwanted tracks by clicking the delete icon.

Once you have finished editing your playlist, click 'Done Editing'.

Import a Playlist

You can import your iTunes playlists by simply:

  • Click the Cog icon in the top right.
  • Select 'Import Playlist'
  • You are looking for a file named
    'iTunes Music Library.xml'
    or any .m3u, .m3u8 playlist files.
    Simply navigate to where your iTunes folder is for example:

    your username\Music\iTunes\

  • Click on this file, then all your Playlists will be displayed.
  • Select the playlist you wish to Import, and click the 'OK' button on the prompt to create this Playlist.
  • You can continue to add other playlsts in the same way, just click 'Done' when you are finished.


Switch between Artist and Album views.

View Modes

When in Album view you can switch between List or Grid Mode.

Artist View on Music Streamer
Album View on Music Streamer


Easily search your music. You can even choose to search by either Track, Album, Artist or File name.

Filter by Genre

Use the Filter dropdown to filter your Music to Classical or Grunge music. You can then also search those results.


Play your muisc files in Standard play mode


Play the Play Queue.

Repeat your entire play queue


Repeat the entire Play Queue.

Repeat play the current music track

Repeat Track

Repeat the current track.

Random play mode for your music files


Once a track has finished playing a new random track is added to the Play Queue.

You can download tracks from your music library to MusicStreamer

Offline Playback

You can download your music to play offline. Simply click the context menu and select "Download for Offline Playback". This can be done from a:

  • Song
  • Album
  • Playlist
  • Search

Scroll through your music collection, alphabetically with the fast scroller

Fast Scroller

If you click and hold the scroll bar, a letter will appear allowing you to quickly scroll to artists of albums.

Easily find the album, specific tracks beling to with MusicStreamer for Mac

Locate Album

Find the album for any play list track by choosing 'Locate Album' from the play list menu.

Airplay your music collection from your Mac


Simply click the AirPlay icon in the top toolbar of your Mac and select your AIrPlay enabled device.

Stream your music files from your Mac to an Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Stream your music files from your Mac to your Amazon Echo.

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