Copy files from your ipad over wifi
File mangement for your iPad


Wireless access to your movies, photos & documents

Browse your computers and drives on your wifi network and cloud storage. Stream movies, play music, view photos, edit documents and manage your files and folders.

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Copy documents from your iPad or iPhone


Try our premium FileBrowserGO app for free

All the functionality of FileBrowser with the addition of premium features such as Automatic Backup, Folder Sync and the ability to connect to more storage types.

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Professional file access and management for you iPad or iPhone

FileBrowser Professional

For Business and Power Users

MDM deployment and config. Includes connections to Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business and premium features such as Kiosk Mode, XMP photo review, Backup & Sync.

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FileBrowser for Education

Designed for schools & colleges

50% discount for 20 or more copies for Education. Connect to local servers or OneDrive Cloud. MDM configuration and lockdown with highly flexible configurability.

Try FileBrowser for Education free today. Simply send us a message from your school email address to and we will provide you with a free trial of FileBrowser for Education.

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Stream your mp3 music collection to your iPad Stream or download playlists to your iPad without iTunes


Streaming your personal music collection

Do you have a music collection with thousands of files on your Computer Windows, Mac, Network Drive or Time Capsule?
Now you can play that music directly on your iPad / iPhone / Mac without syncing.

Browse, search and filter your music files. Stream live or download to take your music with you.

Scan your entire music library with musicstreamer

Scan your Music

Scan your music library and keep your existing organisation of albums and tracks. Create multiple libraries and switch between them.

Play, search and filter your entire music collection

Play, Search and Filter

Play your music files without having to sync them to your device. Search or filter tracks by genre, keyword, track, album or artist.

Create and import and export your existing playlists with musicstreamer


Create multiple playlists, import your existing playlists from iTunes and even export new playlists back into iTunes.

Download your MP3 or FLAC files directlly to your iPad either by track, album or playlist.

Offline Mode

For iPad / iPhone download individual music tracks, albums or even whole playlists to your device so you can listen to them offline.

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Manage your computer services remotely with our app ServerControl


Shutdown, reboot, manage services

Shutdown or reboot your Windows computers & servers. Start/stop/restart services.

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Write over your maps and share them with friends in our app Map Markup

Map Markup

The easiest way to create custom maps!

Make map notes simply and easily, then share with friends.

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The ultimate file management app for large business with complete MDM control

Enterprise Files

Trusted by companies worldwide

If you have a large fleet of iOS devices managed by an MDM solution, our Enterprise Files app provides unrivalled configuration and lockdown so your deployment can comply with your corporate mobile security policies.

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The ultimate whiteboard app, create large spaces and share them, or use several iPads to display them all at once.


Organize your notes, projects and thoughts

Gather files for a project, add notes, web pages and pictures. Arrange them how you like in an expanded space. Then share that space with other iPads and even use multiple iPads as one large screen.

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FileBrowser available on AppleTV

Browse your computer or network drives from your tv
Open documents, photos, comics and stream movies on your tv


An app specially made for AppleTV to browse your local network files

Connect to your home computer or media server and browse your photos, view PDFs and stream your media files from the comfort of your sofa.

Connect and stream content from your computer to your tv

Connect to..

Scan your network and connect to your computer or network drives.

View PDFs, documents on your TV

View Documents

Read PDFs and comics on the big screen.

Stream Movies, Music even photo albums to your TV


Display your images and videos in full 4K HDR directly from your computer to your TV.

Use our file management SDK with its simple to use APIs and high performance.

FileBrowser SDK

Learn about licensing our file access SDK and what it can do for your app

Simple to Use

Whether you are streaming video files, playing music, editing documents or importing/exporting files, our SDK has everything you need.

High Performance

Our SDK has been developed from scratch to be as fast and efficient as possible on iOS and tvOS.


The SDK doesn't monitor or report any file access performed by your apps or users. We also don't collect any data about users.