Enterprise Files for Intune

MDM & MAM Configured File Access for iPad / iPhone

Enterprise Files for Intune available now on iPad/iPhone from the App store

Enterprise Files for Intune is an enterprise grade files app for iOS / iPadOS for large scale deployments that can be setup via MDM and configured with Microsoft Intune MAM policies. Pre-configured file management features for your corporate iPad/iPhone devices with Enterprise Files for Intune.

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Intune MDM - Mobile Device Management

MDM or Mobile Device Management lets you securely and wirelessly configure file access for your company devices by sending Enterprise Files config settings to your enrolled iOS / iPadOS devices.

Your MDM can specify whether managed apps can send data to and from unmanaged apps.

Manage file access on your iPad/iPhone with Intune MDM

Intune MAM - Mobile Application Management

Manage the apps installed on your devices with Intune’s MAM (Mobile Application Management). Protect your organization data at the application level by configuring Enterprise Files for Intune to limit which apps have access to files and prevent files being used outside your organization.

Enterprise Files for Intune integrates with Intune’s Mobile Application Manager SDK, allowing Enterprise Files to be included in the group of Intune Policy Managed Apps.

As an Intune “Policy Managed App” Enterprise Files for Intune has an additional layer of protection in that the Intune App Protection policies can specify that only Policy Managed Apps are allowed to send or receive data to other Policy Managed Apps, forming a subset of the MDM Managed apps.

Intune Policy Managed file management app for iPad/iPhone

Extending MAM Policies to Other MDMs

If you are managing your iOS/iPadOS devices, deploying apps and app config with a non-Intune MDM system, Enterprise Files for Intune is still able to receive Intune App Protection Policies. When a user signs-in to Enterprise Files for Intune using their corporate Microsoft Account, the MAM policies will be automatically downloaded and applied.

Services and Support

Enterprise Files for Intune is part of a services and consultancy package to help you provision your iOS devices to comply with your corporate Mobile Security Policies. Our team of developers have developed enterprise software for highly regulated corporations for over 25 years. Our iOS apps are used by large corporations, schools, and financial institutions. We pride ourselves in the quality of our software and the level of support we give.

If you would like to speak to us about Enterprise Files for Intune, simply email us at info@stratospherix.com.


  • What is the difference between MDM & MAM?

    MDM is Mobile Device Management and secures your devices such as remote lock, wipe and install and uninstall apps. MAM secures applications at a deeper level, protecting how your organization's data is used.

  • What are Protected Apps in Intune?

    Protected Apps have been integrated with Microsoft Intune's API, allowing a group of apps to work together with a common configuration to protect your business data and documents.

  • Can file access on iOS/iPadOS be controlled via MDM & MAM?

    Yes. Enterprise Files for Intune has been developed specifically for corporate use, forming a key part of enforcing a company's mobile security policies, whereas the built-in iOS Files App is aimed at home or casual users.

  • Why are unmanaged Apps not secure?

    Unmanaged apps have the potential to upload documents to a server outside of the company's control. This type of data leak could contain company sensitive information, or even be illegal if storing HR data outside of the company.

  • Can I use BYOD with MAM Policies?

    Yes. MDM Managed apps and MAM App Protection Policies allow apps to keep personal and corporate data separate on a user's own iPad/iPhone.

  • Do I have to use Intune as my MDM?

    No. MDM Management of iOS devices and MAM App Protection policies are separate. Enterprise Files for Intune supports being a MDM Managed app via a different MDM system at the same time as integrating with your Intune system, allowing for hybrid environments and easing migration from one MDM to another.