Collaborate with your team

Take control and present your documents on several iPads at once

present your documents on several iPads at once

ShareSpaces are a place to pin your documents, images, notes and even web pages. Drag content from the web to make collages and mood boards. View each other's documents all within your shared space.

Present a ShareSpace to your team using multiple iPads or simply share a ShareSpace as a file.

All documents are stored in the ShareSpaces app. No external cloud storage needed.

invite iPads to join your ShareSpace

See the big picture

Create Shared Spaces across multiple iPads

Create shared spaces across multiple ipads

Gather files for a project, add notes, web pages and pictures, arranging them how you like in an expanded space. Then share that space with other iPads.

All screens in your ShareSpace can see and interact with the content. Either extend the viewing area with multiple iPads or have each member of your team follow along as you present.

A subscription is required to enable multi screen.
Create notes in your shared space

Create notes with your team

Write notes and when you share your ShareSpace, your team can edit and add new ones. Use Apple Pencil as well to speed up note taking.

Add content

Open documents using the iOS Files app, allowing you access to iCloud, Dropbox and GoogleDrive. If you want full access to shared drives on Macs and PCs then FileBrowserGO can extend the iOS Files app even further.

Learn more about FileBrowserGO
Open files in ShareSpaces
Create your shared spaces on iPad

Organize your stuff

Create ShareSpaces for your projects that are 9x the size of your iPad screen. When you open a ShareSpace, your documents, images, web pages and notes are exactly where you left them, making sure your projects are always at your fingertips.

Create mood boards

Create your own inspirational mood or reference boards with photos, documents and PDFs and save them to view later. Drag content from the web or from another app using iOS split-screen. Share individual elements or the complete ShareSpace with others.

Create your own mood boards on iPad