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The All-In-One Solution for File Management from your iPad/iPhone

Organize files and folders with FileBrowser on iPhone/iPad

FileBrowser unlocks the full files potential of your iPad / iPhone. Access all your cloud storage, FTP, WebDAV, and computers. Copy documents freely between any of them. FileBrowser gives you full control over organising your files and folders.


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Best file transfer app for iphone
How to transfer files from iPad/iPhone to your computer
Browse Computers & Network Drives
How to transfer files from iPad/iPhone to cloud storage
Access All Cloud Storage in One App
Advanced iOS file management
Advanced File Management Features
View and edit your documents on iPhone/iPad
View & Edit Documents
Stream your own media files from iOS
Stream Music, Video & Photos
The Backup and Sync files app FileBrowserGO on iOS app store
Create Backup & Sync Tasks
Download a free trial of the ultimate file management app FileBrowserGO for iOS

FileBrowser is a one off purchase app. For the additional features highlighted below FileBrowserGO is a subscription based app.

FileBrowserGO is available for a free 14 day trial.

Scan your Network and Connect

FileBrowser's easy setup wizard scans your network for computers, media drives and network drives, simply connect and login. Also supports FTP and WebDAV.

Connect to your Mac with File Browser


Connect to your Windows machine from your iPad


Connect to your Network Drive machine from your iPad

Network Drives

Connect to your Time Capsule from your iPad

Time Capsule

Connect to Linux with File Browser


Browse your SMB1 & SMB2 Servers with File Browser

SMB 1 & 2

FileBrowserGO feature SMB3 FileBrowserGO FileBrowserGO connect to encypted shares from iOS

Most Secure Connections

FileBrowserGO supports SMB3, allowing you to connect to encrypted file shares on Windows 10, 11 & macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and upwards.

FileBrowserGO secure file management for iOS

We don't monitor any network connections or collect any of your data.
Read our full privacy policy.

"FileBrowser's setup varies for every device, and the automatic wizards work super-well." Charlie Sorrel - Cult of Mac

Connect to All your Cloud Storage

Connect to your cloud storage providers by simply selecting them in the connect wizard and login.

Connect to OneDrive with File Browser


Connect to Google Drive and Google Shared Drives with File Browser

Google Drive

Connect to Box with File Browser


Connect to DropBox with File Browser



FileBrowser's security is trusted by global organisations

We pride ourselves in the security of our product and the flexibility it provides you. You can set a startup password, lock the My Private Files area, and set the level of protection you need. Passwords are stored securely in the iOS KeyChain, but you can choose to enter them each time you connect.

"You can access everything, everywhere from a single iOS app" Filebrowser is a great all-purpose document manager TapSmart
Security trusted by global organizations

Edit Documents In-Place

Your changes are saved automatically back to your computer or the cloud

No more importing files into apps or emailing documents to yourself. Browse your documents on your computer or in the cloud with FileBrowser and within 2 taps you can edit your documents in Word (Excel & Powerpoint too). When you exit, all your changes are saved back to the original file.

Enhance the iOS files app with Network access to your documents

Improve File Access in Other Apps

Open up the possibilities of File Access on your iPad/iPhone

Extend the iOS Files app to provide all your FileBrowser connections to apps that open documents using the iOS File Picker, without the need for numerous cloud apps.

Step by Step Guide
Everything you could hope for
"everything that I could have hoped for in an app to make my network drives seem as if they're integrated into iOS"
Everything you could hope for - AppStore 5 Stars AppStore Review
Connect to servers or external devices easily with File Browser and the iOS Files app.

Media Player

Watch and Listen to your Media Files with Ease

Stream HD movie files from your computer or media drive directly to your iPad/iPhone. FileBrowser also remembers the last playback position, great to resume your movie where you left off. Also features support for subtitle files and language selection.

Explore music, podcasts and audiobooks on your home computer or media drive via your iPad/iPhone. Queue up tracks to listen to. Adjust playback speed with automatic pitch adjustment, allowing you to speed up podcasts or slow-down music to learn it.

Stream your Movies & Music files to your iPad or iPhone
Listen to Music, Audiobooks or Podcasts
Easily stream media files from your computer to your iPhone How to download media files to iOS

Download or Stream

Either download your Movie / Video and Music files for offline playback or stream them directly to your iPhone/iPad from your computer / Media drive / Cloud Storage.

Play music files from your iPhone via bluetooth Stream your audio files via AirPlay Stream audio files from your iPhone via Chromecast

Chromecast, AirPlay and Bluetooth

Effortlessly cast your media files, Movies and Photos to your TV, and Music to your Speakers using Chromecast, AirPlay or Bluetooth devices around your home.

Easily play video files on iPhone/iPad Movies Easily play audio files on your iPhone/iPad Music Create Photo Slideshows Photos

Simply the best
"This is by far the best of its kind. It outpaces every other file organiser I've used over the last n years, and the most recent improvements lift it into the astral realm!"
FileBrowser Simply the best - AppStore 5 Stars AppStore Review
Transfer files from iPad to iPad

Transfer Files from iPad to iPad

Browse and copy files and folders between devices

AirDrop is useful to transfer a file from one device to another, and FileBrowser is also able to send and receive an entire folder over AirDrop. For more flexibility when copying files, use FileBrowser's built-in file server on one device and connect using the wizard from another device.

Transfer files from your iPad to iPhone with ease.
FileBrowserGO Easily create automatic file and folder Backups from your iPhone/iPad on iOS FileBrowserGO FileBrowserGO Backup your iPhone or iPad photos on iOS

Create Backup Tasks

Automatically Backup files from any network folder, your iPad, Computer or Cloud to any other location.

Use FileBrowserGO to easily create Backup Tasks and set how frequently you want your backup to run. This works with all FileBrowserGO's connections, allowing you to backup a Google Drive folder to Dropbox for example.

Create automatic backup tasks on ios with FileBrowserGO

Easily Backup your iPhone photos to your computer or cloud

Backing up all your photos, videos and memories can be a chore. With FileBrowserGO simply choose where on your home computer or the cloud you would like to backup to and FileBrowserGO will take care of it.

You can choose to backup your entire Camera Roll or selected album folders.

how to backup iphone without icloud 2022
VPN Secure access to your documents from anywhere on your iPad or iPhone

Secure Access to your Documents when Away from Home

Secure access to your computer (Mac or PC) while you are away from home. Use our simple steps to install ZeroTier VPN for secure, encrypted access from your iPad / iPhone. With FileBrowser's efficient network access you can even browse folders and view files over a cellular connection.

Simple VPN Setup
Transfer files between iOS devices
The One Essential and Best App in the iOS Ecosystem
"File management for a dozen computers in numerous networks and platforms, advanced functions such as multiple file and folder renames based on advanced search & replace. countless features for the most advanced of power-users. "
Everything you could hope for - AppStore 5 Stars AppStore Review - iDan iKnight
FileBrowserGO create automated file Sync tasks on your iPad/iPhone FileBrowserGO Wirelessly Sync documents to your iPad from anywhere with FileBrowserGO

Automatic Folder Sync

Sync entire folders to your iPad/iPhone

FileBrowserGO can conveniently Sync files and folders to your iPhone or iPad. You'll always have your documents for offline viewing and editing.

Cloud apps generally require you to sync everything, but FileBrowserGO allows you to choose which folders to sync. Sync works with all FileBrowserGO connections.

How to sync word documents between your mac and iPad
File Browser has been translated into german, spanish and french

Multiple language support

FileBrowser has been translated into the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese, supporting over 1 million users worldwide.

The iPad Files app for the visually impaired


We put significant effort into supporting our visually impaired users and are always delighted to hear how well FileBrowser works with iOS VoiceOver.

Best File Manager Ever!!!
"Most efficient design of all file managers! Simply way, way ahead of anything else and I've tried them all!"
Everything you could hope for - AppStore 5 Stars AppStore Review - DannoZYX


  • Does FileBrowser require any software to be installed on my computer?

    No third party software is required.

  • Can I access my iPhone/iPad system files?

    No. Apple does not allow ANY app to access system files.

  • Can I connect to multiple Google Drive and DropBox accounts?

    Yes, simply add a new location for each account.

  • What is the difference between FileBrowserGO and FileBrowser?

    See our comparison chart to find out which version of FileBrowser is for you.

  • Does FileBrowser collect and share any of my data?

    No. See our Privacy section below.

  • Family Sharing Supported?

    If you have Family sharing enabled you can use FileBrowser with up to 5 family members.

  • Is FileBrowser a universal app?

    Yes, you can use FileBrowser on both your iPad and iPhone with a single purchase.

  • I found a bug in FileBrowser, how can I report it?

    Send an email to our developers at

Store files securely on ios with FileBrowser

Your Privacy

Designed to protect your privacy

Unlike other file manager apps, we never gather any of your data. We also don't require you to create an account or register an email address with us.

Your data belongs to you. You can see this on our AppStore Privacy Report.

File privacy on iOS with FileBrowser
Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

"FileBrowser will get you started in seconds. And with enough features (like full-support for every iOS file format and most other formats too), it's a solid app to use." iGeeksBlog iGeeks Blog - FileBrowser will get you started in seconds