Browse your memories with FileBrowser

Hassle-free access to all your photos.

Directly access your photo libraries on

Camera Roll

Camera Roll

Connect to Windows with your iPad


Connect to your Mac with your iPad


Connect to Samba on Linux


Connect to Time Capsule from your iPad


Browse your NAS from your iPad

Network Drives

GoogleDrive with TeamDrive support

Google Drive

Copy files from Dropbox to other sources


Copy files from Box to other sources


Access all your OneDrive from your iPad


Connect to your WebDAV server with your iPad


Connect to your FTP / SFTP server with your iPad


Connect to your home computer, network drive or cloud storage. Access straight over WiFi. No need to sync or take up additional space on your iPad / iPhone.

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription
Connect to SMB3 with FileBrowserGO


Connect to Amazon S3 web services with your iPad


Connect to your BackBlaze drive with FileBrowserGO

BackBlaze B2

Connect to your pCloud drive with FileBrowserGO


Connect to your Wasabi drive with FileBrowserGO



Built-in slideshow viewer

Photo viewing

Simply navigate to your photos folder and choose from a variety of slideshow transitions and modes. Automatically play video clips in your slideshows. Play music while browsing or watching a slideshow. Turn your iPad into a digital photo frame.

Change your slideshow settings in FileBrowser
Save Slideshows on your iPad
Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

Stored slideshows

Create and save your Slideshows for easy access later.

With this premium feature you can choose a folder and create a slideshow which will also pick out all the images in any sub folder.

*FileBrowserGO and FileBrowser Professional feature, requires iOS10 or later

Powerful thumbnail viewing

Automatically generates thumbnail images. Fast access to your thousands of images. Resizable thumbnails.

View high quality image formats

High quality image

View standard image formats

  • JPG

  • BMP

  • GIF

  • GIF animated

  • PNG

  • TIF

  • TGA

  • ICO

  • HEIC

For the professional photographer or enthusiast

Digital SLR and raw formats supported

  • ARW

  • CR2

  • CRW

  • DCR

  • DNG

  • ERF

  • KDC

  • MOS

  • MEF

  • NEF

  • NRW

  • ORF

  • PPM

  • PEF

  • RAW

  • RW2

  • RAF

  • SRF

  • SR2

  • SRW

  • 3FR

Premium Features require a FileBrowserGO subscription

Create XMP files to rate or reject your photos

FileBrowserGO and FileBrowser Professional allow you to create, reject or star rate your photos.

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Streamlined Review
Stream your photos to your TV

Cast photos to your TV or projector using AirPlay or Chromecast

Allows easy viewing by all the family. Supports casting of full HD images. Zoom in / out and pan while casting.

FileBrowser casts the original photo instead of using screen mirroring, so you can use the full size of your TV when casting from your iPhone or iPad.

Great app

Works good. I have chromecast and can stream anything from the app to my tv.

Canada App Store - X286x

Five star rating

Annotate your images

Add simple annotations to photos to share with your friends or family.

Use FileBrowser's built in annotator or use the annotation features of the Files app in iOS.

Annotate Image