FileBrowser Pro now available on the Mac AppStore

Access all your cloud storage in one app

Access Googledrive and all your cloud storage on Mac from one app

The much loved iOS App has been re-engineered for Mac

No need to install several different cloud storage apps such as GoogleDrive, Box, OneDrive and Dropbox to organise your files, do it all from one app on your Mac. FileBrowser Pro for Mac also supports multiple cloud accounts so you can access your personal and work Dropbox accounts in the same app.

FileBrowser now available on Mac

Multi-tab, multi-window browsing

Open multiple tabs to browse and navigate your content. Easily drag files from one tab to another.

Open as many FileBrowser Pro windows as you like. Copy files into them from Finder or other FileBrowser locations.

Easy Setup

Use our simple Connection Wizard to add new sources. Scan your WiFi for your local computers and network devices or simply select and login to your cloud storage.

Do you already own a FileBrowser app on your iPad or iPhone? Simply export your settings file and import it to set up FileBrowser Pro for Mac with all your locations.

FileBrowser on the Mac AppStore
Access all your cloud storage and more from one app, on your Mac

Access all your cloud storage and more from one app, on your Mac

Easily manage files anywhere. FileBrowser Pro for Mac supports multiple account access to GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Box, and DropBox

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • NAS
  • Linux
  • Time Capsule
  • WiFi Drives

  • FTP / FTPS
  • SFTP
  • SMB
  • WebDAV
  • Amazon S3
  • BackBlaze B2
  • Box
  • Digital Ocean
  • DropBox
  • Filebase
  • GoogleDrive
  • iDrive Cloud S3
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • OneDrive for Business
  • pCloud
  • Wasabi
Fast file search for cloud storage from your Mac

Find what you want and fast...

Search for file names with our instant search. Search through the current folder or all sub-folders.

Great Bulk rename tools for your Mac

Bulk Renaming tools

Rename, replace text or add text before or after filenames, add counters or even dates with ease.

Finder List view
Finder Colun View
Finder Grid view

Multiple view modes

View your documents in list view, column view, gallery view or grid view. Great for viewing folders of Photos. You can also shrink or enlarge our list and grid views.

Create backup task from your Mac to Cloud

Backup your documents

Create automated backups of your documents from any location to any location such as:

  • Mac to Cloud Storage
  • Mac to Network Drive
  • GoogleDrive to OneDrive
Create Sync document tasks on your Mac

Sync documents

Sync documents from any location to FileBrowser. Any changes made to the documents are synced in both directions. Keeping your documents up to date locally and remotely.

Protection and Security

Protection and Security

Our developers have extensive experience in producing highly scalable, robust, and secure software for large enterprises. They bring all this expertise to our iOS and Mac apps, ensuring the best quality and security.

We do not collect your information. Read our privacy policy here.

Light and Dark modes supported

Auto switch dark or light mode

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