Connect to Microsoft OneDrive on macOS

Connect to Microsoft OneDrive from macOS

Browse Multiple OneDrive Accounts with a Single Mac App

Connect to and transfer files from your OneDrive account directly to other cloud storage providers such as Google Drive or BackBlaze using a native Mac app. Access all your cloud storage accounts with one app. FileBrowser Pro is available to download from the Mac App Store.

With FileBrowser Pro link to as many OneDrive accounts as you like and easily transfer files between them.

Sync Mac Folders to Multiple Cloud Providers

Sync Mac Folders to Multiple Cloud Providers

Easily Sync folders from your Mac directly to OneDrive and or any other cloud storage account. Create automated Sync tasks to run every day or several times a day.

Sync OneDrive Folders to Other Cloud Storage

Sync OneDrive Folders to Other Cloud Storage

Sync important folders from OneDrive to any other cloud account, such as GoogleDrive or BackBlaze with ease. Create a manual or automated Sync task.

How to Connect to OneDrive Using Mac

Step 1

Open FileBrowser Pro on your Mac and tap “Add Location”. Select “OneDrive” from the list of cloud storage options and tap “Save”.

The first time you tap to connect, FileBrowser Pro will request access to your OneDrive account. Tapping FileBrowser Pro’s new “OneDrive” location on the home screen will open a web browser on your Mac asking you to select a OneDrive account and grant permission for FileBrowser Pro to access. Click “Allow”.

Step 2

After you have linked your account you should be returned to FileBrowser Pro and you can now access all your OneDrive documents and files from your Mac.

Remember you can add as many OneDrive Accounts as you like to FIleBrowser Pro on Mac and copy documents freely between them.

FileBrowser Pro is available on the Mac App Store.

Install FileBrowser Pro from the Mac App Store
Download on Mac Store
Estimated Time: 1 minutes

Not Just OneDrive...

Link all your cloud storage types and accounts including; Google Drive, pCloud, SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, BackBlaze, Amazon S3, Digital Ocean, Filebase, iDrive e2 and Wasabi with FileBrowser Pro on Mac.

Connect to all your cloud storage with one macOS app FileBrowser Pro
Access Dropbox Accounts on Mac
Access Dropbox Accounts on macOS

Browse Dropbox folders from your Mac.

Connect your accounts
Browse Google Drive using macOS
Browse Google Drive from Mac

Browse Google Drive folders from your Mac.

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Browse BackBlaze Storage on Mac
Browse BackBlaze Storage on macOS

Connect to your Backblaze accounts on Mac.

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