FileBrowserGO the Ultimate Document Viewer and File Manager for iOS

The Superstar of File Management on iPad / iPhone

FileBrowserGO Dcoument Viewer and File Manager for iOS

FileBrowserGO will change the way you manage files on and off of your iOS devices, connect to your all your cloud storage, home computers, NAS drives, SFTP and WebDAV. Unlike Apple's Files app, connect to all your cloud storage accounts without having to install each cloud app seperately. You can also connect to the same cloud storage with multiple accounts, allowing you transfer documents from one Google Drive account to another with ease. - See what FileBrowserGO can connect to here

Ultra-Fast File Browsing on iOS. Faster than Windows Explorer or Mac Finder and our Users Agree!

With FileBrowserGO's document viewers you can view and edit most documents, read PDFs or ePub files and bookmark your page. With FileBrowserGO's media player you can watch or listen to your media files on your iPad/iPhone or use Chromecast / Airplay to send media files to your TV or smart speakers. FileBrowserGO is more than just a File Manager.

Get an insight into what makes FileBrowserGO so great with it's intuitive UI & tabbed browsing. Features include simple and advanced file management, automated Backup and Sync tasks, PDF creation from images, and it's own Custom Task builder, to name a few.


4.7 ( 25060 ratings )
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FileBrowserGO - The Best App Ever
This is the best app I have ever used on my iPhone. Its features are limitless
5/ 5stars
FileBrowserGO - The Best App Ever

Access and Tranfer Files Between:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • NAS drives
  • Portable WiFi Drives

FileBrowserGO is a subscription based app, which features all the pro features. You can use our comparison page to compare the different versions of FileBrowser.

FileBrowserGO - Awesome App!
It's fantastic. Very reliable, very fast. At the file management level it's the best
5/ 5stars
FileBrowserGO - Awesome App!
FileBrowserGO - Amazing App
I don't think I've ever seen another app that provides as much value as this does
5/ 5stars
FileBrowserGO - Amazing App


  • How much does FileBrowserGO cost a month?

    FileBrowserGO costs $0.99 a month, we offer cheaper options for 6 or 12 month subscriptions.

  • How does FileBrowserGO's price compare to other apps?

    FileBrowserGO is considerably more affordable than other file manager apps, and contains numerous powerful features and data security. We strive to keep the price of our apps as low as possible.

  • Are there any in-app purchases in FileBrowserGO?

    No, the subscription price gives you access to all of FileBrowserGO's features.

  • Can I use my subscription on 2 devices?

    Yes, if you have an iPad and iPhone under the same Apple account you can use FileBrowserGO on both devices.

  • If I can't connect what can I do?

    Try our support pages. If that doesn't work drop us an email and we help you get connected.

  • Why dont I download a free file manger app instead?

    Ask yourself why a file manager app is FREE, then take a look at their Apple appstore page's privacy section and see what information they are collecting and selling on to third parties. FileBrowserGO may cost cents per month but will never collect any information, you can check for yourself on our appstore page.