iPhone run out of room

Is your iPhone Running out of room? Backup your photos without paying for iCloud

Have you ever gone to take a video or a photo and your iPhone has said "Not enough storage". It's amazing the amount of photos and videos we all keep on our devices these days. If you don't want to pay for iCloud storage there is another way you can backup your photos from your phone then clear them down to give you more space.

Simply use FileBrowserGo or FileBrowser Professional to create a Backup Task. If you are using FileBrowser for the first time you will need to set up a location for it to backup to such as GoogleDrive or your home computer. We have a handy guide for that here.

Then you simply need to decide what you want to backup and how you want it backed up for example:

  • Camera Roll folder - All photos and videos in a single folder.
  • Videos - Just your Video files. (These take up the most space.)

Once you have decided how you want your photos backed up follow these steps:

Tap the folder context menu and select "Create Backup Task"

Navigate to the location you want to back up your photos to for example "iMac/iPhone Photos" then tap the "Backup to (folder name)" at the top of the screen.

If you enable "Automatic Sync" any new photos will also be backed up to your location, make sure you open FileBrowser and check any Backup tasks have been completed before deleting any files.

Give the Backup Task a chance to complete, you can check this by tapping the "Sync Files" section on the Homescreen. If you have a green tick then the task is complete. We recommend reviewing the target backup folder to check that all items have backed up successfully. You can now delete a few videos or images from your device to clear up some room.

You can backup your photos to more than one location by repeating the steps above and choose a different backup location. This allows you to backup to your computer and GoogleDrive for example.

Backup your photos from your iPhone without iCloud