How to pair your Mac to a Amazon Echo Alexa

Step 1

Open the Alexa app and tap the "menu"More" icon, if you don't have the Alexa app installed download the Alexa app.

Select Settings->Device Settings

Step 2

Then select your Echo from the list

Then Choose Bluetooth Devices.

Step 3

Then tap the "Pair a New Device"

Step 4

Open 'System Preferences' on you Mac and select 'Bluetooth'

Step 5

Right click the 'Echo...' device listed in your Bluetooth connections and select 'Connect'

Step 6

Once the Connection changes and displays the 'Connect' button, click this.

Step 7

Return to the Alexa app and tap 'Skip this step', this is an error in Alexa's app your device should now be paired to your Mac.

This will stream all the sounds from your Mac.

Stream your MP3's to Alexa

If you want to stream your entire music library or your playlists from your mac or another computer or a network media drive to your Alexa device then you can via MusicStreamer for Mac. Simply download the app, scan your network and pair to your Alexa device.

Estimated Time: 4 minutes