Enterprise Grade File Access for Businesses on iPad, iPhone

The safe and secure file management app

When using file manager apps from the Apple App Store user privacy and security is a major concern.

EnterpriseFiles goes above and beyond the control that an Enterprise Mobility Management system provides, to provide you with fine-grained control over how your iPad can be used and the data it stores, and how it secures access to your data.

App Privacy

Apple now require developers to declare what information their app collects, and display this on the App Store.

EnterpriseFiles does not collect any information unlike other file managers. See here.

Enterprise Files App Privacy - Does not collect any data from users.
Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

See our full Privacy Policy.

Enterprise Files iOS file management for corporations
iOS data encryption


Local files (including temporary caches) may be silently encrypted using iOS data encryption service, which is part of Apple's FIPS 140-2 certified hardware security services built-in to iOS. EnterpriseFiles itself doesn't encrypt any data at rest.

Purge temporary iOS files

Purge Temporary Files

Temporary files are encrypted and purged periodically. They can also be purged by the user to reclaim space.

Storage of passwords for server access from iOS

Storage of Passwords

EnterpriseFiles can optionally store credentials. It can also be prevented from storing passwords, which may be a requirement of your security policy. When storing passwords, EnterpriseFiles stores them securely in the iOS Keychain, which is protected by iOS.

FaceID or TouchID can be enabled for rapid authentication, and for additional security. Switching off Face ID automatically clears the associated password.

Set startup password for file access on iOS

Startup Passwords & Touch ID

EnterpriseFiles supports a startup password which is required when the app is launched. This password can also be TouchID or FaceID enabled.

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