Enhance the iOS Files app

Open and edit documents from your network directly into other apps

ProCreate Kodex

Any apps that let you choose a file from the document picker (the iOS Files app) were previously limited to either cloud or local storage. FileBrowser for Education allows you to access all your network connections such as Windows, Macs, NAS drives or even cloud storage all from within the document picker.

Works great with apps such as ProCreate. See our tutorials on Opening PSDs or importing your brushes.

If you need to edit text files or code then Kodex works great too.

Each app is different but it's generally:

  • Tap "Open" and on the bottom of the dialog tap "Browse".
  • Then tap "FileBrowser Edu" and "Network Folders" and you now have access to all your computers and cloud storage previously set up in FileBrowser for Education.

If you can't see FileBrowser Edu in the sidebar, tap the three dots then select "Edit Sidebar" and switch on the toggle for FileBrowser Education, then tap Done.

Note: FileBrowser for Education will need to be running in the background.
Access FileBrowser Education from the iOS Files app

What happens if I start editing and go offline?

If you go offline while editing a document, FileBrowser for Education will store your updated files in a folder called 'Pending Uploads'. Your documents are always safe.

When you're back online, open up FileBrowser for Education and tap the 'Pending Uploads' folder. Tap a file to upload the changes back to the server or cloud storage.

You can also save a copy of an edited file to a new location if the original one is unavailable.

Screenshot showing pending uploads
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