Solving the Edit Workflow on iOS

Open and edit documents on a server or cloud using Word, Excel, Pages, Powerpoint, iWork apps and FileBrowser

Step 1

From your iPad / iPhone browse to a folder on your computer / server or in the cloud. If you are using the list view mode, any Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Pages, Keynote, Numbers or PDF documents will have an additional icon that will bring up the Share menu.

If you cant see the icons, see the section below.

You can add more file types on the Config/Preferences popup.

If you want to access and edit Files not on cloud storage from outside your home or work network read our how to setup a VPN guide.

Edit your Word, Powerpoint, Excel or PDF documents remotely on iPad

If you are not using list view, simply tap the document to preview it and in the top right corner you will see the "Edit In Place" button.

How to edit documents from your computer on your iPad

Step 2

Now iOS will show you the apps that this file can be passed to. Scroll the app icons list to the right until you find Word.

Cant see Word?

If you cant see Word, scroll to the far right and tap "More".

In this dialog, tap "Edit" in the top right.

Then find Word which will be under the "Suggested" section. Tap the plus icon next to it and it will now appear as one of your "Favourites".

Tap "Done", then "Done" again.

Word should now appear as one of the icons in the list, like in the screenshot.

Edit in Place on iPad / iPhone

To reorder your Favorite icons to speed this up for next time, scroll to the far right and tap "More", then tap "Edit".

Now you can re-order your favorite actions, with Word as the first item for example.

The Word, Excel or Pages app will then open.

Edit your iOS sharesheet apps.

Step 3

Simply edit your document and when finished, tap the back arrow. This will save your changes back to the Server or Cloud where you opened your document.

Edit Cloud and Computer documents in Office and iWorks apps on iPad / iPhone

If you don't see the Word, Excel or Powerpoint App Icons appear in the file listing, you need to install the apps which you can do so from here:

If you still cant see the icon it may need turning on in Config. Perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to the Homescreen
  • Tap Config (Gear icon bottom left)
  • Tap Preferences
  • Scroll down to "Edit in Place in List View" and turn it on.

The simple guide to editing documents on iPad

PDF Annotation

PDF annotation works with the same steps as detailed above and we highly recommend using PDF Viewer Pro by PSPDKit or Adobe Acrobat to use with FileBrowser.