MusicStreamer Reviews

MusicStreamer - One of the Best
MusicStreamer is easily one of the best music streaming apps available for the iOS operating system. AppPicker - 2022-01-22 MusicStreamer - One of the Best
Music Streaming Easier than Ever
Music Streamer is a smart, new app that makes local music streaming easier than ever. AppAdvise - 2022-01-22 Music Streaming Easier than Ever
MusicStreamer is Perfect
If you, like I have, been compiling a disk full of music for a decades and want something that plays on all your devices has easy download for offline and easy album art update, and web search right from the app and doesn’t cost a bunch. MusicStreamer is perfect. Haven’t enjoyed a music app this much since Winamp! Also it will discover 20k files pretty quickly and did a great job of that. I highly recommend apps from this developer because the actually answer support requests! AppStore - United States - 2022-02-26 MusicStreamer is Perfect
The Best Music Player on the App Store
I’ve used this for many years and it’s one of those apps that just works no matter what you throw at it. It never misbehaves, never freezes and plays everything. My music library is on a NAS and is a mixture of every format available. MS plays everything without a hiccup! AppStore - United Kingdom - 2022-08-31 The Best Music Player on the App Store
Brilliant app that faultlessly plays my CD collection (ripped to FLAC & stored on a thumb drive on my wireless router). Have tried multiple iOS DLNS/uPNP streamer apps and this is the only one that works faultlessly - on both my iPhone and iPad. It reads tags accurately, displays album art and sounds great. Delighted. A YEAR LATER It's now over a year since getting this app and still discovering great new features. Just superb. AppStore - United States - 2022-08-15 Finally!
Thank you, so good I deleted the Apple Music app from my phone. My music how I want it, so easy to just download the music I want to my phone for offline playing while I’m out at work. You don’t know just how happy this app has made me, well worth every penny paid. AppStore - United Kingdom - 2022-03-20 Amazing
Easily the best streamer on IOS
MusicStreamer is that rare app which is better than anything else available, and yet continues to improve. I’ve been using this for years now, and each iteration adds something worthwhile. At the time of writing, ‘Song’ view makes it easier to find improperly tagged tracks in a vast collection. Speaking of which, MusicStreamer handles collections in the tens of thousands with ease, and is rock solid. I stream from a NAS drive, attached to my router in my home office, wirelessly to a Bluetooth input to my AV unit in my lounge, all controlled from my iPad. Adding/ removing/ searching on the fly works like a dream. So this is an app that is working with six different manufacturers hardware at the same time, and rarely falling over. Marvellous. AppStore - United Kingdom - 2022-01-22 Easily the best streamer on IOS
There are many apps which promise much and deliver little and are deleted within a few minutes in some cases. This brilliant app is not one of those. It simply delivers an excellent user interface and most importantly user experience and has allowed me to rediscover all of my CD collection after years of neglect. Buying this app has prompted me to take the final step in dispensing with physical CDs. I could go on but enough said. Get the app. Ps For those that might say why not use iTunes, the answer is that iTunes on my iPad drove me crazy with random reorganisation of tracks, missing tracks etc. I was not willing to invest time is a sub-standard app. AppStore - Ireland - 2021-04-10 Excellent
MusicStreamer - Better than All the Rest!
Stratospherix accomplish what Apple and other have failed to do; make a MusicStreamer that is fit for purpose and works well with vast music collections on NAS drives. AppStore - UK - by Nkersov - 2021-03-27 MusicStreamer - Better than All the Rest!
MusicStreamer - Must Have!
If you have music on your computer, Drive or NAS buy this app! In my case I stream my iTunes library via by airplay much easier than via home sharing and iOS music app. AppStore - Sweden - 2021-03-01 MusicStreamer - Must Have!
Potential Alternative to Apple Music
For everyone who has a working NAS(smb) server, this app has everything a music player should have. -ID3 Tags are properly used. -Gapless playback is working excellent. -Playlists in m3u can be read by basically every music player, so sharing playlists among devices are possible, even though a bit handy. -Download function as well as offline playback works good. -The lossless .flac format is supported, which is a big plus. Apple music and iTunes can't handle this format which will make a decoder (ffmpeg and libmp3lame for example) necessary. This is really nice. -The lite version of the app is a good way to check if your NAS server is appropriately set up. If you don't have any trouble with the lite version, its pretty likely that you wont have any with the full version. If so: Check your setup. In summary, I really like that app. AppStore - Germany - 2021-02-18 Potential Alternative to Apple Music
Superlative, Amazing, Wow...
I discovered this app a month ago, and it does everything I want, reliably, simply and smoothly, all for the price of a sack of peanuts... It's a no-brainer. AppStore - Canada - 2021-02-02 Superlative, Amazing, Wow...
MusicStreamer - Fantastic App
I spent ages looking for a way to stream 5000 albums from a NAS to AirPlay and Chromecast via a mobile device. This app met all the requirement with elegant simplicity and reliability. Scanning the library was amazingly fast. All this for a reasonable price. Well done. AppStore - Canada - 2021-01-04 MusicStreamer - Fantastic App
MusicStreamer - The Best App of It's Kind
Having set up a Plex server and SMB server on a Raspberry Pi, I was determined to find an app that allows both streaming from the smb share, as well as providing the ability to grab missing art, etc. This app does it all well, and IMO, it's not only the best app in the App Store, there's (sadly) nothing even close to being as polished and functional in the Play store for Android (there's an opportunity there). Well worth the money! AppStore - USA - 2020-12-18 MusicStreamer - The Best App of It
For Me: It's Like iTunes Without the Fluff and Fuss
A nice straightener interface that deals easily with the music I've moved onto my NAS. It queues and plays well, and changes/adjustments are intuitive. No 'extra' stuff in the way, and the interface is consistent between my iPhone and my iPad. Supports multiple libraries in different storage locations so my wife and I can see and play each other's tracks without having to duplicate them redundantly. AppStore - USA - 2020-09-04 For Me: It
Still Head and Shoulders Above the Rest
MusicStreamer is still the best app of its type on IOS, by a long way. Great for use with large music collections on NAS drives. Consistently excellent support, too. AppStore - 2020-07-11 Still Head and Shoulders Above the Rest
Best Possible App for Streaming Music
This app is easy to use, fast, and works flawlessly. I use it to stream music from a Synology NAS, and it's far superior for that purpose than any NAS-resident solution (Flex, iTunes, etc.). AppStore - 2020-07-25 Best Possible App for Streaming Music
Exactly what I was Looking For!
Scans my 10'000+ songs on a Raspberry Pi Samba share in 10 minutes (iPad 2019). Search for albums, artists, titles in milliseconds. Make, manage and export playlists. Look at CD covers in reasonable size. What else is needed to listen to your favorite music? AppStore - 2020-04-01 Exactly what I was Looking For!
MusicStreamer - Love This App
Needed a music player that would free me from iTunes and allow me to stream from my music library on a NAS and this app does the job perfectly and plays flac files! Allows you to download specific tracks or albums to the iPad for offline listening. Easy set up. Playlists, queuing, search, filter, everything I need with complete control. Just great. AppStore - UK - 2020-01-22 MusicStreamer - Love This App