MusicStreamer UserGuide

Scan and play your music collection on your iPad or iPhone with MusicStreamer easily scan your music folder using your iPhone ready for streaming

Connect to your Music Collection

Connect to your music library wirelessly on your Mac, PC, Network Media Drive, and TimeCapsule. You can even plug in a USB with Music on it.

  • Tap the "Cog" icon
  • Then select "Music Sources"
  • Tap "Add Music Source"
  • And follow the setup wizard.

If you are stuggling to connect see our help documents on how to connect to your Mac, Windows or TimeCapsule for more information.

View Modes

Switch between Artist, Album and Song views. When in Album view you can switch between List or Grid Mode.

Make your music collection Album artwork larger or smaller on your iPhone or iPad with MusicStreamer

Note: You can change your album view mode to group by artist or by album title. Under Preferences > Sort Albums by Artist Name.


Play your music collection on your iPhone without iTunes

Play the Play Queue.

Play your music library on your iPad without iTunes

Repeat the entire Play Queue.

Play flac music files on your iPhone
Repeat Track

Repeat the current track.

Play mp3 music files on your iPhone
Endless Play

A random Song is added to the end of the Play Queue after the current track has finished.

Play Queue

The 'Play Queue' is the current list of Songs being played.

Play Now

Tapping "Play Now" on a Song will add that song to the top of your current Play Queue and begin to play it immediately. Doing this for an Album or Playlist will add all songs of that album/playlist to the top of the Play Queue.

Play Now will play song immediately
Queue Up

Tapping "Queue Up" will insert the tracks at the bottom of the Play Queue.

Queue From Here

Queues the tracks from an Album from the selected Song onwards.

Queue Up will place tracks at the bottom of the play queue.
Note: If you want the tracks to play immediately when you tap them rather than queue them, change this by tapping the cog in the top right -> Preferences. Then change "Queue Up" to "Play Next" or "Play Now" then tap "Done"
Edit / Re-Order Play Queue

You can swipe right to left on a track to delete it from your play queue.

To enter edit mode, tap the Play Queue action menu and select 'Edit' to re-order the Play Queue without changing the original Album or Playlist.

Play History

Your Play History shows the last 50 tracks played.

Edit the play queue
Reorder tracks in your play queue


Tap the 'Create Playlist' button under the play controls and name it.

Playlists in Music Streamer
Add Tracks to a Playlist

Look for the plus icon to add an Album, all Albums for an Artist or individual Song to a Playlist by tapping the action menu icon and choosing the Playlist you wish to add them to.

Using playlists in Music Streamer
Edit a Playlist

Tap the Playlist action menu icon and choose 'Edit'. Now you can:

  • Re-order your Songs by using the drag controls.
  • Remove unwanted Songs by tapping the delete icon.

Once you have finished editing your Playlist, tap 'Done Editing'.

Edit playlists in MusicStreamer
Reorder playlists in MusicStreamer
Add Random Tracks

Use the Play Queue or Playlist menu to add 10 or 25 random tracks, chosen automatically from the set of albums listed in the right-hand panel. Control which albums are eligible by using the Search keywords or Genre selector.

Add random tracks based on music genre

Import and Export Playlists

You can easily import all your Apple Music/iTunes playlists or import and export individual playlists. Follow our simple guides on how to:

Import and Export Playlists with MusicStreamer

Filter by Genre

Tap the Filter dropdown to filter your Music to Blues, Rock, Classical or Grunge music. If you pull down on the list you can search for a genre just start typing in the input.

Filter your mp3 music collection by genre on iPhone / ipad


Easily search your music by either Song, Album, Artist or File name. Choose which of these options apply to your search. If you are in Album mode any matching tracks will be highlighted in yellow.

Search your music collection by Song, Album, Artist or File name

Endless Play Mode

Automatically add songs to the end of your play queue and control which songs are eligible by filtering with a search or selecting a genre, or both.

Music Streamer Endless Play Mode
  • Search by song names containing "love" for example.
  • Search Albums that have the word "rock"
  • Search by artist
  • Filter by blues genre with song name containing "delta".
  • Filter by music genre to Pop and only albums containing the word "heart".
  • Filter by music genre "Grunge".

Once you have filtered your music in the right hand panel, only those tracks will be used for endless play. You can also queue up your own tracks in this mode.

Detailed Step by Step Guide to using Endless Play Mode

Download Music for Offline Playback

Download your music for offline playback on your iOS devices. You can download Songs, Albums, Albums for an Artist, Playlists or even your music search results.

You can see if a track has been downloaded by the small dot next to the track name. Download your music files to your iPad for offline play
Download Albums or Songs

Simply tap the action menu on either the Song or the Album and select "Download for Offline Playback".

Download Playlists

Download a Playlist by tapping the action menu on your Playlist and select "Download for Offline Playback".

Download Searched Music

Simply perform a search, then tap the action menu and choose to download the matching songs or the albums of the matching songs.

Remove Downloaded Music

You can remove downloaded tracks by using the actions menu. To remove all downloaded music simply tap the cog icon and select "Remove Downloaded Tracks".

MusicStreamer has full CarPlay support

Car Play

MusicStreamer has full CarPlay support. Simply plug in your iPhone and select MusicStreamer and enjoy your downloaded music on your journey.

Note: In the MusicStreamer app ensure you change to "Offline Mode" mode. To do this tap the cog icon and tap "Go Offline" Then choose yes to only display tracks that are available offline. This will then display the music downloaded to your device, rather than your whole collection.

Connect to External Smart Devices

MusicStreamer can connect to smart devices via AirPlay, Chromecast and to Amazon Devices. Simply tap the AirPlay or Chromecast icon next to the Volume control and select your smart device. To connect to your Amazon device see our guide. To stream your music to multiple Chromecast devices see here.

Cast your music to smart speakers
Play your music files via Amazon Echo

Link Multiple Music Libraries

Add multiple music libraries to MusicStreamer and switch between them. Connect to your home music library, your friend's collection when at their home or a wireless network drive when in your car. Simply:

  • Tap the cog icon top right
  • Select "Music Sources"
    • From here you can switch libraries
    • Add new libraries
  • Tap "Add Music Source"
  • And follow the setup wizard
Easily add mulitple music sources to your iPhone or iPad

Missing Artwork?

MusicStreamer can discover artwork from a variety of places. If you have missing artwork, here are three ways to resolve this:

  1. Use a tag editor to add embedded artwork to your music files.
  2. Add a jpg or a png file into your album folder.
  3. Paste an image into MusicStreamer
    • Tap the album action menu and select "Web Search" to open Safari and search for the album.
    • In Safari tap and hold an album image and select "Copy".
    • Return to MusicStreamer and use the Album action menu's "Paste Album Artwork".
    Note: This option only stores it for the current music source. Use option 1 or 2 for a more permanent solution.

Then tap the cog icon, select "Rescan" and choose "Rescan everything" to find all your new artwork.

Add missing album artwork

Light and Dark Mode

Easily change between light and dark modes:

  • Tap the "Cog" icon
  • Select "Preferences"
  • Scroll to the bottom of the dialog and select "Light Mode".

Personalize the Look of MusicStreamer

On the "Preferences" dialog scroll to the bottom and select either one of the 4 preset UI Colour options or tap "Custom" and choose your own accent colour to be used throughout the app.

Customize how MusicStreamer looks
Scrobble tracks from MusicStreamer to your account

Scrobble Tracks to

Automatically update your profile with what you’ve been playing in MusicStreamer. View your listening history on and share it with friends.

Simply Tap the cog icon and select "Preferences" and enter your username and password details.

Download from the AppStore

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