FileBrowser for Education Configuration files

Export your FileBrowser for Education settings

Easily export all your location connection details to a settings.FILEBROWSER file. This file can be used to set up a second device or if you upgraded to FileBrowser Professional or FileBrowserGO to speed up your setup.

All the settings of FileBrowser for Education can be transferred to another device. First you need to save a copy of the current configuration.

  • From FileBrowser for Education's Homescreen tap the Cog icon in the bottom left corner.
  • Then Tap "Admin Settings" scroll to the bottom of the dialog and tap the "Export all Settings to File" button.
  • Your settings.FILEBROWSER file is then saved to your FileBrowser for Education "My Private Files" location.
  • If you have FileBrowserGO or FileBrowser Professional you will be given the option to "Save with Passwords", which will AES-Encrypt your settings file with a password.

Importing your settings file

Importing your settings file can be done in several ways such as:

If upgrading on the same device

Import your FileBrowser settings after upgrading
Import just the settings file
  • Tap the context menu on your new settings.FILEBROWSER file in FileBrowser for Education and select share.
  • Now scroll the app icon on the dialog to the left until you find either FileBrowser Professional or FileBrowserGO and tap it.
  • FileBrowser for Education will open and bring up a dialog, simply tap "Load" to import your configuration.

And thats it.

Import your FileBrowser documents after upgrading
Import your documents
Drag and Drop your files into FileBrowser for Education

The easiest way to do this on an iPad is using drag and drop.

  • Open both versions of FileBrowser first.
  • Swipe up lightly from the bottom of the screen upwards, the app navigator bar should appear.
  • Tap and hold the icon for the other verion of FileBrowser and drag it over to the righ side of the screen.
  • Ensure both apps are set to My Private Files.
  • Tap "Select" in the top right of the window with all your contents, then "Select All" in the bottom bar.
  • Now press and hold on any file and then drag them into the other window.

And thats It. If you cant use Drag and Drop try the steps below.

If you are using a iPhone or an older iPad use the Share menu
  • Select all your files in the My Private Files location then tap the bottom left toolbar icon and select "Create Zip File".
  • Tap the context menu of your new Zip file and select "Share".
  • Scroll the icons to the left in the dialog until you find the version of FileBrowser you want to copy the files to, then tap its icon.
  • Once the selected app has loaded up, navigate to to My Private Files and tap "Paste 1 item here" in the top right.
  • Once your zip file has been copied, tap it to extract it.

Remember to go back and delete the zip file and any content in the prievious app to same space.

Import your FileBrowser settings to a new device
If importing to a new device
Import just the settings file
It's easy with AirDrop
  • Tap the context menu on your new settings.FILEBROWSER file in FileBrowser for Education and select share.
  • Then select "AirDrop" select your new device and choose your version of FileBrowser from the menu.
  • Once FileBrowser for Education starts select "Load" from the dialog.

Thats it, you will need to enter your passsword when you connect for the first time to any location.

If you cant use AirDrop follow these steps

You can email the settings file to yourself to pick up on another device.

  • Tap the context menu of your Settings.FILEBROWSER file and select "Email Attachment" once the dialog appears click "Send Now".
  • Fill in your email address and send the email.
  • On your other device load up FileBrowser for Education then switch over to your email client.
  • Press and hold on the "Settings.FILEBROWSER" attachment then select "Share" from the menu.
  • On this dialog scroll the icons at the top to the left until you find FileBrowser for Education, then tap it.
  • FileBrowser for Education will open and bring up a dialog, simply tap "Load" to import your configuration.

And thats it.

Import all your files and settings file

On your old iPad, you need to start the WebDAV Server in FileBrowser.

  • Go to Config > WebDAV Server, add a password and tap the Start Server toggle to enable the WebDAV server.
  • A popup will display with connection details, you will need these for the next step.
  • In FileBrowser for Education on your new iPad tap '+ Add Location' and choose iPad/iPhone.
  • Tap the found WebDAV server and enter the password. Tap the connection to connect to FileBrowser's WebDAV connection.
  • In the My Private Files folder tap the Settings.FILEBROWSER file to import the settings. You can also copy files from the local locations of FileBrowser on your old iPad to your new iPad using multi-file select and Copy/Paste.
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