Download the FileBrowser Professional Discounted Bundle

FileBrowser Professional Bundle

Upgrade to FileBrowser Professional with our Bundle and enjoy all of its premium features.

If you already own FileBrowser, use the App Store 'Complete my Bundle' feature to add FileBrowser Professional and just pay the difference.

Import your FileBrowser settings

Import your configuration

Import your existing settings file from FileBrowser and be up and running in minutes.

Our helpful guide can also show you how to import your documents into FileBrowser Professional.
How to Import your configuration.

Professional File Security on your iPad

Professional Security

SMB3 Connections

Access your servers and computers with the latest and most secure version of SMB available.

Access Additional Locations

Browse these additional storage connections as well as the standard set within FileBrowser:

Connect to Microsoft Azure with FileBrowser Professional

Microsoft Azure

Organisations of all sizes can connect to OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Azure and SharePoint Servers.

Integrates with Office365
sync your iPad files or folders from your PC

Create Sync Tasks

Sync files or folders from your PC, Mac or cloud storage to your iPad / iPhone.

Two-way Sync

Create, modify, rename, delete files and folders in a local Sync Files location and the changes will sync back to the server when you are next online.

How to create Sync Tasks

Create Backup Tasks

Backup folders or files from your iPad or iPhone to anywhere.

Remote to Remote Backup

You can even backup from one remote location to another such as Dropbox to OneDrive or from a Windows Server to Cloud.

How to create Backup Tasks
Tag photos on your iPad with XMP


Rate or reject photos using XMP files. Works great with Adobe Lightroom, ideal for professional photographers. How to use XMP tagging

Create and scan QR codes for folder locations

QR code Scanning

Create QR Codes that link to folder locations, simply scan your QR Codes to navigate to your folders. QRCode Scanning

Scan bar codes to navigate to folders

Bar code Scanning

Scan barcodes to find specific folders or files. Use with your ERP system. Barcode Scanning

Create Multi page PDFs by selecting multiple images on your iPad or iPhone
Scan Documents to PDF files with your iPad

Scan to PDF

Document Scanner

Scan receipts, agreements or notes and turn them into PDFs. Scan multiple documents and save them as a single PDF. Includes auto document detection.

Export Images as PDFs

You can also select multiple images and export them as a single PDF.

Manage File Access across all your iPads using an MDM


Centrally manage settings and server connections.

FileBrowser Professional can be deployed via a Mobile Device Management system that supports app configuration, with centralised control of FileBrowser's settings that allow new configurations to be pushed out at any time.

The app can also be configured to comply with your corporate security policies. Great for large businesses or corportation roll out.

Tell me more about MDM and Configuration

Gallery View

An alternate file view with a large previews. Great for images and you can also scroll your documents and PDFs in this view without opening the files.

Gallery View with large preview view
Set up your iPad in Kiosk mode for conventions or shop floors

Kiosk Mode

Your corporate brochures, PDFs, Images and Videos are ready at your customers' or employees' fingertips.

Use FileBrowser at conventions or trade shows or shop floors with limited access to content for public read-only access.