The Most Powerful File Explorer on iOS

Browse your computer, network drives, servers and most cloud storage all from one App on your iPad or iPhone

FileBrowser's intuative UI is the easiest file explorer app on iPad and iPhone, trusted by experts and corporations world wide.

The most powerful file explorer on iPad and iPhone

Move or copy your files from anywhere to anywhere

FileBrowser really does act as the bridge between all your file storage. Copy files between your PC / Mac to Dropbox, from Google Drive to Box or from anywhere to anywhere...

Small footprint

With FileBrowser you do not need to install an app for each cloud storage you want to access. This can save you almost 1gb of storage on your iOS device.

Filebrowser is a fully featured file explorer and offers much more than just browse and view for your iPad and iPhone

Multi-file and folder copy

FileBrowser's multi-file copy allows you to easily copy several documents and folders in one go from any location to any other location.

Download from the Internet

Downloading files from the internet is easy simply paste the url into FileBrowser to download the file to the current folder.

Multiple Cloud Accounts

Many apps are able to connect to different storage types, but FileBrowser also allows you to have multiple connections to a single type, such as 3 Google Drive accounts, for example.

Email Attachments

FileBrowser can attach multiple files from different storage locations to a single email, a feature lacking in other file explorer apps.

Rename Tools

FileBrowser's bulk rename feature allows you to find and replace text, add text or append dates or indexes to thousands of files.

Stream music / movies

Easily stream movie files or music from your computer or cloud storage directly to your iPad or iPhone.


Bookmark folder locations for instant access to your favourite folders. You can even bookmark your current page when reading PDFs and eBooks.

Sub-folder searching

FileBrowser features file name subfolder searching for all storage locations, and also supports document content searching for Google Drive.

FileBrowserGO and FileBrowser Professional offer other premium features such as Sync, Backup and extra connections.

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Connect to all versions of Windows with your iPad or iPhone


Connect to all versions of Windows from ME to Windows 11, Windows Servers from 2000 onwards.

Access your Mac files with your iOS device


Access your Mac from Snow Leopard to the latest macOS using SMB and SFTP.

Explore files on your network drives from your iPad

NAS Drives

Browse your Network Attached Storage Drives using our SMB protocols.

Easily copy documents from one iPad to another iPad

iPad / iPhone

Use FileBrowser's built in WebDAV server wizard to connect to other iOS devices running FileBrowser.

Browse and copy between multiple OneDrive accounts on your iPad or iPhone


Browse Multiple OneDrive Accounts in FileBrowser.

Access OneDrive Business with FileBrowserGO or FileBrowser Professional
Easily and copy files and folders between multiple GoogleDrive accounts


Access your files from Multiple GoogleDrive Accounts on iOS. Supports Shared Docs, Shared Drives and also document context searching.

Filebrowser is a fully featured file explorer and offers much more than just browse


Connect to Multiple iCloud Accounts on your iPad or iPhone, FileBrowser also supports iCloud shared folders.

Copy files and folder from Dropbox to any other cloud storage


Access Multiple Dropbox Accounts on your iPad or iPhone, FileBrowser also supports Dropbox Business.

Copy files from your Box account to your other cloud storage accounts


Access Multiple Box Accounts on your iPad or iPhone, FileBrowser also supports Box shared folders.

Connect to rsync with your iPad or iPhone

Connect to and browse your files using SFTP.

Browse your Linux computers with your iPad or iPhone


Connect to Linux machines via SMB.

Access your WebDAV server from your iPad or iPhone


Easily browse your WebDAV servers.

Browse your FTP, FTPS and SFTP servers from your iPad or iPhone


Access your FTP, SFTP and FTPS servers from your iPad and easily manage their contents.

Connect to your computers or servers using SMB1 or SMB2


Connect using our SMB protocols.

For the most secure connection we recommend SMB3* available in FileBrowserGO and FileBrowser Professional.

Premium connections

Enjoy these additional premium connections with FileBrowserGo and FileBrowser Professional.

Secure access to your computer with SMB3 via your iPad


Connect using the most secure version of SMB available SMB3.

Browse your OneDrive for Business documents from your iPad

OneDrive for Business

Access multiple OneDrive for Business accounts for your professional or Office365 subscription.

Connect to your Azure storage with your iPad

Microsoft Azure

Connect to SMB3 to your Azure file storage.

B2 Connections include:

View your BackBlaze files from your iPad


Browse your BackBlaze files on your iPad.

Access your pCloud from your iPad or iPhone


Access your pCloud documents with FileBrowserGO.


Amazon S3 Connections include:

Browse your Digital Ocean files with File browser.

Digital Ocean

Browse your Digital Ocean files on your iPad with FileBrowserGO or FileBrowser Professional.

Browse your Amazon S3 cloud storage from your iPad

Amazon S3

Browse your Amazon S3 documents using FileBrowserGO or FileBrowser Professional.

Amazon S3
Browse your Wasabi storage from your iPad


Browse your Wasabi documents on your iPad with FileBrowserGO or FileBrowser Professional.


FileBrowser Professional connections

With FileBrowser Professional you can also access SharePoint along with all the other standard and premium connections.

Access your SharePoint servers from your iPad

Microsoft Sharepoint

Access your documents in SharePoint servers hosted on-premise or in the cloud.